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Singular 1 Bass

Singular 1 Guitar




 Model : Singular 1 Bass / Passive Type

 Instrument Type : Solid

 Scale Length : 34”

 Neck Joint : Bolt On

 Nut : 40mm

 Fingerboard : Ebony

 Fret : Jescar FW9662-NS

 Number of Frets : 0-21

 Position Marks : Silver 950

 Body Wood : Japanese Cedar (Compression)

 Neck Wood : Japanese Cedar (Compression)

 Number of Strings : 4

 Finish & Color : Top Lacquer Natural

 Pickups : AGUILAR AG 4J-HC

 Machine Head : Gotoh GB350

 Bridge : BADASS-1

 Electronics : Passive

 Control : 2Vol 1Tone

 NFC Warranty TAG


 With Original Hard Case



 ¥ 480,000- (+Tax)


Singular 1 Bass

Body and the neck part of Singular 1 is made of Japanese Cedar being compressed in a special way.


Usually, material for electric guitar is hardwood imported from overseas although Singular 1 has chosen Cedar which was said to be too soft to become an electric guitar. But we couldn’t let go of the vision of beautiful grain of Japanese Cedar adding glow to our signature product. Technology and the fine craftsmanship have turned the preconceived around and opened up a new possibility of Japanese Cedar and an electric guitar.


It was our dream to create all Japanese guitar. This straight-grain made by an excellent compressing skill was nothing but perfect for Singular 1 to project our concept.


Chief luthier of Singular SAITARO KITADE has done the design and the planning by 3D CAD, using the latest modeling machine but also applying handmade craft skill. Singular 1 is being finished one by one by hand at the atelier in Kanazawa.

Singular 1のボディとネックには特殊技術で圧縮加工を施した杉素材を使用しています。



この圧縮杉の木目を初めて目にした時に国産木材が持つ機能性と、日本で築き上げられた木材加工の技術との合せ技で生まれた結晶のような意匠であり、我々が目指す純国産ギターをカタチづくる上で最適な材料であると感じ、Singularのコンセプトを象徴した意匠とも言えるこの圧縮杉の柾目をSingular 1のデザインと機能の骨格としました。

Singularのマスター・ルシアーである北出斎太郎が3D CADでデザイン・設計し、最新のモデリングマシンなどを駆使しながら手仕事による工芸技術を取り入れ、一本ずつ金沢の自社工房にてハンドメイドで仕上げています。

Singular® by CENDO Inc. & secca Inc. / Design & Build by Saitaro Kitade